About OC

About OC Process & Innovation Partners

OC is a strategic partner in innovation and development processes. Transforming ideas into action – and action into impact.

We work with organizations to build sustainable growth; to optimize ideas, strengthen core and value, develop capabilities, and connect with people. We help projects and enterprises by integrating strategy development, innovation processes and communication initiatives, and blending non-traditional and conventional consulting approaches to facilitate business and organization transformation – that are both welcomed and necessary.

We operate primarily in the intersection between public sector and private industry, with particular focus on health care innovations and sustainable energy development.

Ongoing transformation

The health care sector as well as the energy industry is creating products and services that improve people’s lives, on many levels. They are also in the midst of massive transformation. New technique, break through research, rising costs, shifting demographics and consumer behaviors demand new approaches to innovation, service and communication, across the entire value chain. Recreating ourselves and connecting to our customers, our citizens and our competition in new ways is essential.

We need to change to succeed, but real change is often hard – so it has to be worth the effort. We contribute with strategies and actions to help you cultivate or transform to a culture of innovation and change, identify the obstacles for a creative environment, reduce cost, and boost strategic thinking and growth strategy capabilities into coworkers and executive leadership.

Along the way, we will tailor an approach to meet your specific needs and current position.

Why OC? The oc-reaction vs the wow-reaction

There are ideas and innovations are created mostly from a wish to impress others. That strives to achieve the “Wow!”-reaction. Innovations that the rest of us could never ever have thought of, and that probably takes a long time to understand and implement. In some cases, they are not even usable, it´s just a great idea in theory.

The other incentive for innovation is the “Of course”-reaction. Ideas that seems so natural and obvious that we should have come upon it a long time ago. Perhaps we even did, but some how it got lost in our daily routines. The outcome of “of course” is change that it is self-explaining, useful and necessary for all participants.

OC Process & Innovation Partners helps our customer find their “of course”-outcome.

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Why choose us


We know what you are going through

We live in challenging times with rapid change of society and technology. OC can help you to rise to these challenges and meet the future with confidence.


We connect the private and the public sector

We can help you forming partnerships, navigate between political visions and business activity, communicate with employees as well as the public. Connecting people, systems and ideas.


We are professionals with a northern touch

Our work is efficient, concise and discrete. And we are likeable Norrlanders.

Our Team

    JENNY EKLUND Senior Process Manager and Founder of OC

    Jenny Eklund is an experienced and inspirational facilitator of developmental processes and effective growth – in organizations as well as individuals.

    She is a skilled project leader and process manager, with the ability to balance great visions and specific details. Jenny is also a professional leadership coach, workshop facilitator, lecturer, speaker, moderator and communication expert with a considerable background in the media industry. Author and creator of books and online magazines and founder of several venues in Umeå. Her work has rendered several awards for her contribution to society. Jenny is OC’s main senior process manager and currently also a member of the boards of several other enterprises and organizations.

    THOMAS FRITZ CEO, Senior Process Designer and Founder of OC

    Thomas Fritz is a competent strategist, process designer, project leader and educational specialist. He facilitates progress and transformation processes, oversees research and mapping, organizes creative learning situations and training programs, and develop conditions to implement new strategies in teams and associations. As the CEO of OC he is responsible for training and coordinating all our junior process managers and team leaders.

    Thomas Fritz operates from a base of evidence based knowledge after 20 years as a pedagogical consultant and project leader in the university world – combined with a practical methods and experience from private enterprises. Also: board member of UMEVA (Umeå Water & Waste).

Let’s start building your future with us.