Coaching, Operational Planning


We facilitate inspirational co-creative workshops and conferences to generate new ideas, identify threats and success factors, to improve collaboration and kick start a new innovative project or partnership.

Our objective is to help our customers reach higher and achieve more than they thought possible. Often this means a process where people with ideas and plans get an opportunity to grow.

The road to success does not always look like people think it does. We at OC Partners know about the pitfalls and tangled paths that can occur, but above all we can identify core customer focus, and know how to support development from there. We help teams, companies or organizations in their innovation and development processes, and help them to obtain focus and common understanding, making it possible to develop and reach clear objectives. As facilitators, we support with confidence, clarity and inspiration.

Some examples:

  • Numerous workshops and conferences in partnering processes and innovation projects between VLL Innovation and global companies.
  • Theme day about health care innovation in partnership and new economic value model with VLL Innovation, AbbVie, Roche Diagnostics and Vinnova at Grand hotel 2017.
  • Various workshops in business projects related to Umeå Energi, for example: leadership in management team, operational planning, innovation processes.
  • The annual trademark seminar for Västerbotten in Almedalen 2015. Theme: Innovations in regions. With Region of Västerbotten, the County council of Västerbotten and Philips Healthcare.
  • The Great Board of Directors Day (”Stora styrelsedagen”) , the annual conference of StyrelseAkademien 2014, 2015, 2017.
  • Collaboration in public health care between the municipalities and the County Council of Västerbotten, a 2-day work shop with 50 directors and politicians in 2015 – to make a fresh start after years of conflicts.


Various international and swedish corporations and public sector. Some examples:
Tarkett, Roche Diagnostics, Philips HTS, AbbVie, Umeå Energi. The County Council of Västerbotten (VLL, Västerbottens läns landsting) + the municipalities of Lycksele, Åsele, Dorotea, Vilhelmina, Norsjö, Sorsele and Storuman. The municipality of Skellefteå.


Facilitating inspirational and co-creative workshops to kick start a project or develop a partnership, moderator of business conferences, and coaching teams and leaders in their work.


”Thank you so much! I seldom like collaborate exercises but this was actually both well thought-out and fun to participate in! I will use this format with my own colleges later.”

/project leader from an international company

”This was more than I´ve ever hoped for. We have come further these two days than we had in years of collaborating and negotiating! I´m impressed by the constructive exercises and the positive atmosphere you created.”

/Municipal Director

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