Operational Planning, Pilot Studies


What role could an county council own innovation and development corporation play in the health care industry in Sweden? That was our job to find out, in a collaborating process with VLL Innovation AB.

Our mission was to work out the basis for a sustainable and innovative business plan for Swedens first county council innovation corporation – in Västerbotten, VLL Innovation AB. We facilitated a co-creating process with leading officials, politicians and external companies in the industry to extract the most important and creative ways to develop this start up company, that is aiming to be a link and motor for a new innovative way to develop innovation in partnership constellations in the health care sector.

Our assignment was to

  • Create a sustainable working process for innovation in partnership between the county council health care system, the VLL Innovation company and all its external partners.
  • Identify the core values and business framework
  • Clarify the legal conditions
  • Setting the framework for a ground breaking economic model and value propositions
  • Communication strategies and inform about the essence of the company, through internal and external channels

This mission was executed from January to November 2016, and the result was the foundation for VLL Innovation´s business and innovation strategy.

Background Pilot Study in 2015

Before that, we did a pilot study in 2015 to map out the preconditions for the company and its place in the innovation support system in Västerbotten.

The assignment was to inventory and compile a report and a visual map of all the external players in the support system for innovation in the County council of Västerbotten (VLL). The purpose of the research was to give an overview and context in which VLL is operating.

The point of the pilot study was to illuminate external conditions for VLL to aggregate innovation and development functions in a company.

Along with research of basic data, we conducted interviews with about 20 representatives from the innovation support system (locally and nationally) to discuss their view of their own function vis-à-vis collaborating partners in the system. They also got a chance to review VLLs innovational work and give expert advice to future enterprises.

The report and map was later used as a ground work for the Administrative County Councils decision to form the VLL Innovation Company (executed in November 2015).


Västerbottens läns landsting / The county council of Västerbotten


Co-creative process leading; interviews, workshops, business intelligence, data analyzing and service innovation.

a) Working out the basis for a business plan for Swedens first county council innovation corporation: VLL Innovation AB.

a) Mapping out the innovation support system in Västerbotten and Sweden.

Report + working process illustrations.


”The result of OC:s work was beneficial on many levels. They understood our crazy vision, and helped us establish something substantial and sustainable. They opened up communication and innovation paths. It also brought great value to the external as well as internal process to investigate and analyze how to move forward with creating and implementing this innovation corporation, that will be the first of its kind in Sweden.”

/Robert Winroth, innovationslandstingråd / Innovation Commissioner of the Council of Västerbotten

”This was the first time someone captured the unorderly innovation support system in a simple and understandable overview. I honestly didn´t think it was doable, but I was proven wrong.”

/Head of operation at an innovation support organ, and one of the informants in the pre study