Facilitating groundbreaking and innovative partnership processes in healthcare, with a new value based economic model for shared profits.

OC is a strategic partner and catalyst in processes of innovation. Our engagement creates valuable change – which in the end make a positive difference for citizens, employees and the society. An essential part of our work is to facilitate and support partnerships between public sector and private industry in the healthcare sector; where the focus is to jointly develop ideas and capture important values, which can deliver real, improved benefits.

Since 2016 we have been a subcontractor to VLL Innovation, leading the innovation processes in partnership between the County Council and external partners; usually global companies but also other county councils and regions in Sweden.

Building trust

Leading organizations through a process of development is, according to our experience, a matter of understanding people. It is the people in the organizations that are collaborating; people with different motivation, needs and abilities. Therefore, the focus in our process management is on creating excellent conditions for development – much by listening and creating an open culture of communication which in turn aims to build relationships and trust, and to get effective co-creation, creative teams that can create change and innovation together.

Read more about the value based economic model for innovative partnerships in healthcare here.

Examples of ventures:

  • IBD Home: e-health project. AbbVie, Telia and VLL
  • Self measuring and monitoring for patients with Waran. Roche and VLL.
  • Creating a digital support system for processing outcome and measuring value of healthcare innovations in County Councils. Tieto, IBM and VLL Innovation.
  • Primary care of Tomorrow. Building health care facilities and service for the future.

2016- ongoing.


VLL Innovation (the innovation company of the County Council of Västerbotten) in partnership processes with global companies like Philips HTS, Roche, AbbVie, Sodexo, Q-matic, Tieto, Microsoft, IBM, Pfizer, etc.


Facilitating and designing innovative healthcare partnership processes between public sector in Sweden and global companies. Project leading, coordination and strategic marketing.

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