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Energy Care: Partnership in energy solutions between VLL & Umeå Energi

Umeå Energi and VLL, The County Council of Västerbotten, have been doing business together for many years. Could and should this relationship deepen and expand?

The purpose with an extended collaboration was to benefit from each others knowledge, experience, human capital and plants more than the present situation. The aim was to create greater value for the organizations as well as the citizens of Umeå. It could be about anything from profitable revenues and reduced environmental effects, to competence synergy and better use of common resources.

Our contribution

Overall process leading by facilitating the partnership process; from strategic development to tactical choices and operative meetings and workshops.

Our first role in this collaboration, now called Energy Care, was to project lead a six months long pilot study during 2015. The mission of this pilot study was to deliver  material that enabled decision making on a strategic level if, and how, an enhanced cooperation between the County Council of Västerbotten and Umeå Energi could be created.

Our role during 2016 and 2017 was to design and facilitate the partnership phase in Energy Care, to take the collaboration ever further. During this time the two organizations realised that there were even more advantages to explore, and greater values to obtain that the initial initiative, so the common objectives were widened. The idea of a joint venture evolved, that could bring the partnership to a new level, and contribute in a substantially new way to Umeås progress.

The last eight months we also lead the process to prepare for all substantive, corporate and legal matters, and further establish this idea of a joint venture that could take this partnership to the next level.

In April 2017 the County Council of Västerbotten and City Council of Umeå will make the final decision about this new company: the first government corporation in Sweden that is jointly owned by county council and a municipality. (Read more about that here)

Ongoing project


Umeå Energi and Västerbottens Läns Landsting / the County Council of Västerbotten.


Project- and process leading. Strategic development. Collaborative workshops and meetings. Interviews. Business intelligence analysis.


”All changes are totally dependent of the people involved. They kan make or destroy any effort or project. We had the best guidance to manage our directors and co-workers through this development process.”

Göran Ernstson, CEO Umeå Energi

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