OC Services

OC is a strategic partner in innovation and development processes. Transforming ideas into action – and action into impact.

We don´t work with organizations, we work with people. To build sustainable growth; to optimize ideas, strengthen core and value, develop capabilities, and connect with other people. We help the persons involved in projects and enterprises by integrating strategy development, innovation processes and communication initiatives, and blending non-traditional and conventional consulting approaches to facilitate business and organization transformation – that are both welcomed and necessary.

We operate primarily in the intersection between public sector and private industry, with particular focus on health care innovations and sustainable energy development.

What we can do for you:

1. Strategic Innovation that matters

Innovation can easily yield great ideas that lead to nowhere. Success requires that we identify and boost innovation that brings great sustainable value; to the public, to the organization and to its co-workers. We help our customer identify and develop strategies on how to succeed, build innovation capabilities and to reach transformational growth at all levels – to make innovation repeatable and reliable.

It is essential to develop agile systems to meet the rapidly changing future.

2. Collaborative processes to build relationships and trust

The key to every successful change is about people and relationships. We put a lot of effort and focus on building trust and develop relationships beteween key stake holders – so that your venture can prosper. Trust makes you dare to go beyond old limits.

Every organization and company has its own personality and habits. Furthermore, the ways to do things in the public sector is often disparate from business culture. In facilitating effective developmental processes we listen and explore what drives your organization(s), research and map out your current situation in dialogue with your leaders, employees and partners, co-creating to define your optimal goals and future, and suggest roadmaps for the path forward.

3. Connecting through communication

Effective communication is essential for successful outcomes of innovation and development. It helps create, maintain and further develop relations both within the organization and in contacts with external actors and the rest of society.

People connect with what they intuitively understand, and that understanding is shaped by our messages. We can show you how to increases awareness, knowledge and make it easier for people to take action. We help you change minds and markets – from communication strategies through stories that matters.

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”Innovation is significant positive change.”

”An ‘innovation’ is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service), or process, a new marketing method, or a new organizational method in business practices, workplace organisation or external relations.”

From the Oslo manual, OECD